Apsidal Fountain

    A fountain with a semicircular, actually heptagonal, pool adjoins the northeast wall of Nymphaeum B and the north wall of the Water Tank. It measures 2 m wide and its extant height reaches 2.40 m. It is accessed via three steps along the north and east sides. The pool is 0.98 m high and was built with fine dressed square and rectangular travertine blocks. It is bounded with a rectangular parapet with low relief decoration flanked with balusters. The parapet panel has a rectangular frame and in the middle are two concentric circles terminating in a floral motif on both sides and a Latin cross in the circle. The pool’s floor and sidewall are faced with marble, thus made waterproof, and a hole of 5 cm in diameter drained the water.
     This fountain probably served when the Nymphaeum B collapsed in the earthquake of 494 and remained in use until early seventh century.



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