Ephesus Gate

    The city gate in the west was built during the construction activities in the reign of Emperor Domitian (r. 81-96). This is the best-preserved city gate among the four gates of this period. Built with cut travertine blocks it has three arched passageways. The arches are still intact and the voussoirs are articulated with cornices on the exterior. The middle arch is higher and wider than the ones on the sides. Some cornice blocks are not worked, thus indicating that this gate’s construction was not fully completed. As it was built with travertine blocks there are numerous blocks of triglyph and metopes scattered around. Adjoining the Ephesus Gate on the north is a rectangular Byzantine tower built in the early fifth century; on the south the presence of a rectangular tower is evident. Like at the East Byzantine Gate, these towers should also be projecting out and integrated into the city walls. Reaching the Ephesus Gate it is possible to see the five-arched Roman bridge on the Asopos River from the second century AD.

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