Ephesus Street Portico

    The 130-meter-long portico making a T with the north-south Stadium Street extends westward to the Ephesus Street. Three steps lead from the Stadium Street to the triple-arched gateway into the Ephesus Portico. Pools extend along the north and south sides of the street; behind them lean-to roofed porticoes shade a gallery in front of the shops. The total width of the Ephesus Portico including the galleries is 30.60 m. The street is paved with marble slabs. The arched porticoes have travertine piers instead of columns, with marble cornices on the bottom and top; all were faced with marble. The intact vaulted room behind the shops of the southern portico should be the storage area, or cellar for the shops. The grand size of the Portico and its grandeur suggest a special use as a protocol area serving at festivals, feasts, or special occasions. This special area is bounded with steps leading up to the Stadium Street on the east and stairs leading down to an arched propylon; thus, the area was open to the access of pedestrians only, no carriages.
       Ephesus Street Portico remained in continuous use from the Late Hellenistic – Early Roman Imperial period through the early seventh century (AD 565-612). After the city had been abandoned, blocks in the area were rearranged by Yörüks camping (eighteenth century to 1980).



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