North Church

   The North Church is located on the north porticoes of the North (Sacred) Agora between the West and North Theatres. Thanks to agricultural activities and quarrying until 2002 only the foundation walls of the structure have survived. When the area lost its function as the North Temenos and transformed to an agora the church was built here with travertine blocks as a three-aisled basilica extending in the east-west direction. All three aisles of the basilica terminate in an apse. The church measures 26x47.60 m including the narthex. The main apse is flanked with two pastophoria – the diaconicon in the south is where religious objects were kept and the prothesis in the north was the preparatory room for the sacraments. On the outside of the east wall are two niches serving as fountains. These niches are located symmetrically where the main apse meet the lateral apses and served both for cleansing before entering the church and those in the east porticoes of the area.
      The church was built after the earthquake of 494 and collapsed with the earthquake in the reign of Focas.



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