Peristyle House with Oratory

   The monument is located at the northern end of the alley running north from the Syria Street along the east side of Temple A. It adjoins the south analemma wall of the North Theatre, which does not conform to the curvature exactly, thus not narrowing the strolling area on top of the theatre.

    Work carried out has shown that the residents of the house had a private oratory in the east part of the house. The naos measuring 5x3.50 m has an apse facing northeast and has double narthex on the south – the inner narthex of 8x3.50 m and the outer narthex of 8.50x4 m. This oratory occupying the entire east side of the house adjoins a wide peristyle courtyard of 18 columns, which is surrounded with rooms on the north, west, and south sides.

     It is worth noting that the apse of this oratory faces northeast because until a regulation by the Papacy in AD 375 the churches could face different directions. The coin uncovered on the floor belongs to the reign of Theodosius I (r. 379-95); thus, this room should have been converted to a house of worship before the regulation of 375.



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