Water Distribution Terminal I

   Water Distribution Terminal I (castellum aquae) is located at an altitude of 279 m to the east of the Stadium and South Baths Complex. Built with travertine blocks it extends in the north-south direction and measures 6x10 m rising about 7 m. A T-shaped appendix was added to the main line coming from the south. From there, water pressure was decreased via double travertine pipes and water was conveyed to the pressure-relieving tank on the top. At 1.05 m below the north side of the pressure-relieving tank is the distribution tank to which terracotta pipes of various sizes connect at varying levels. As per description by Vitruvius, the pipes at the top supplied private homes, those at the middle level supplied baths and gymnasia, whereas those at the bottom supplied the public fountains.

      On the north, east and south sides of the terminal are numerous terracotta pipes of varying sizes. Some of them are entirely full of sinter inside, and this suggests that most pipes were renewed in time. This terminal is unique revealing its various phases of use. On the west is a small fountain next to the vaulted passageway.



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