West Baths

    Located about 50 m to the east of the Aphrodisias Street, the West Baths is an imperial type baths with the halls arranged in a row. What survive of this complex measuring 70x36 m are two-three rows of travertine blocks on the west, arched sections in the middle, and six to eight rows of travertine blocks and arched passageways on the east. Two protruding piers at the southwest corner indicate an arched entrance to the baths. In the arched section by the entrance are the apodyterium and a hall that could be a gymnasium. Then there are three north-south rectangular halls, which are interconnected via triple arched passages. The frigidarium (cold hall), tepidarium (lukewarm hall), and caldarium (hot hall) are clearly discernible and the caldarium is larger than the other two halls. In the corners of the walls of the caldarium are channels and holes for the chimney system. Dowel holes in the walls are for fixing the marble facing and heating system. Sets in the arched passageways indicate reinforcements after earthquakes.

    Scattered around are architrave-frieze blocks, postaments, and dentils. Decorative details on the architrave-friezes indicate second century AD.


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